Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family time @ Costabella Tropical Hotel (Mactan Island, Cebu)

The following day after my mom's birthday, we checked out from the hotel and immediately headed to Costabella Tropical Hotel in Mactan, Cebu. 

We just availed the day tour package priced at Php 595 (net) / person which includes buffet lunch (on Sundays) and the use of their swimming facilities. Super sulit, right?

Look at the fabulous dishes they have:

fried squid with chilli

assorted sushi

bacon carbonara

lechon manok

grilled squid

grilled pork ribs

Noodles station

blueberry trifle


mango cake

happy for the overwhelming lunch escapade

Next Stop: swimming 

the Hotel

Mama taking a pose

For sun protection

pool area

the beach

It was really worth spending time with my family at Costabella. Super fun fun fun... Sa uulitin ♥



Izzy Bizzy said...

Yum! I am impressed with their noodle station. Dami selections sis! Hindi ko pa nakita ang ganyang set up. Very unique.

bujju said...

Thanks for sharing


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