Monday, October 6, 2014


Since I've been under the radar for the last three years, let me share with you how I celebrated my 26th, 27th and 28th birthday. 

I am looking forward for my birthday this year (in 2 months time) which also reminded me to do the countdown for my 30th birthday next year. I have several things in my bucket list and I'm grateful that I have checked off a couple of them this year :)

My 26th birthday celebration 
I was holding my birthday cake from Purple Oven. Yum!

My 27th birthday :)
This was the year where I started to share my blessings to the people 
living on the streets. I'm doing it on a yearly basis now. A happy birthday, indeed :)

My 28th birthday celebration
Went to The Porch by Casa Verde in QC and gave away some packed foods to the street children after. I am lucky to have supportive friends who readily helped me make this 'yearly' project a reality. 


Whew! I'm back.

After three long years, it seems that I'm back to blogging. 

I have been MIA (my apologies) but I am now trying to make time to update my blog. 

I will be posting my journey for the last three years :)

Be back soon, 


Friday, September 16, 2011

Rainforest Park Cebu

I admit it. I’m not the adventurous type. I have a fear of heights. I’m not good in any sport. To top it all, I’m very clumsy.

Upon looking at a friend’s blog on the newest park in Cebu, I convinced myself to try it out with my high school friends. We arrive on a Thursday afternoon at Rainforest Park located in Panagdait, Mabolo. We availed their one-hour package for P250/head covering 9 rope obstacles. Little did I know that it was the start of the longest HOUR of my life. 

group shot

Rope Obstacles:

1) Cargo Net

2) Zig-Zag (Mini Zipline)

3) Burma Bridge

4) Earthquake Bridge

5) Deep Bucket Bridge

6) Wall Climbing

7) Jacob’s Ladder

8) Catwalk Bridge

9) Vines Bridge

The two biggest challenges for me were the earthquake bridge and wall climbing. My knees wobbled and my hands were getting numb already. I was able to finish the earthquake bridge though. Thanks to my ever supportive friends who were cheering on me. As for the wall climbing part, I tried gazillion times to reach the top but was unfortunate enough to fall everytime. Oh well. At least I tried.

I’m still proud of myself and my friends for not skipping any obstacle. Hats off to Vicky for breezing through the rope obstacles and still had enough energy to repeat the other obstacles.

This was truly an awesome park best spent with family and friends.

 happy faces

You may check their facebook page by clicking this link - Rainforest Park .

Friday, August 5, 2011

Gumbo - A Taste of New Orleans

My high school friend, Vicky, finally arrived in Manila after a year of working in Saudi Arabia. Since it's a weekday, I rendered a half-day leave in the office just to accompany her before her flight to Cebu in the afternoon. We went to the nearest mall from my place - SM Megamall.

I was trying to check for a new restaurant for us to dine when we chanced upon Gumbo located in SM Megamall Atrium. We were greeted by a girl in a cute head dress and she served us a complimentary loaf of bread while waiting for our order.

They have generous servings of the meals that's totally good for sharing. The food was great and the sea foods in the Jambalaya were fresh. Hats off to Gumbo!

Vicky and I
 Seafood Jambalaya (petite)
 Roasted Beef Sandwich 
 ala- Mardi Gras!
 Mississippi Mud Pie 
 Pure heaven. Yum!!!


Gumbo - A Taste of New Orleans
Mega Atrium
2/L Mega Atrium Bldg.,
SM Mega Mall,
Mandaluyong City Philippines
(+632) 635-3015
(+632) 635-9571

Mercato Centale Food Trips

My blogger idol, Anton Diaz, is part of the organizing committee of Mercato Centrale.

That's how I came about discovering this weekend market. So I was really itching to visit this place since it opened but I just couldn't seem to squeeze it in my schedule during weekend. It's located in Taguig City - a place not so accessible to public commuters like me.

So when the time that one of my closest friends in Cebu (who happens to be a pastry chef)  told me she'll be staying in Manila for a few days, I confidently volunteered that we try Mercato Centrale. I sent them Mercato's Facebook page link and they seemed to agree with my venue recommendation. True enough, my friends (Aileen and Kazoot) and I were soooo overwhelmed with our first ever Mercato Centrale experience. There were several vendors offering free taste/s and we can't help but try almost all of them. The result? We were almost full when lunchtime came.

Gotta share with you several pics on my first Mercato Centrale visit.

 us three (Moi, Aileen and Kazoot)
 Mochi ice cream
 Gotta love Manang's Chicken..
 Rodrigo's Roast
 what we hoarded
Creme Brulee.. nom nom nom...

A month after, I went to Mercato Centrale this time with friends from my previous company (IBM). I noticed new booths and discovered new food treats this time. We got our tummies full and bought Dezato mochi ice cream for dessert. 
 Naj, MJ and Moi
French Macarons @ P35 each. Tempting...
 potato lovers, anyone?
 with Bleu and MJ
 Bagwang meal

 Isaw @ P30 per stick

Last May 14, we went to Mercato Centrale with college friends and a traumatic incident happened. I don't really know how it started but it seemed that while we were busily chatting, my friend's laptop bag hidden under the table got stolen. We immediately reported the incident to the security but the 'mysterious guy' is nowhere to be found. It was really a sad day for all of us. Hope this will serve as a lesson to everybody to be extra careful with your valuables when visiting weekend markets.

I'm sooo in love with Mercato Centrale and I can't wait to be back there soon...



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Radisson High

(photo courtesy by my sister)

I want to make a separate post for my experience at Radisson Blu Hotel (Cebu City). Last December, my family checked in one of their business suites and it was an entirely memorable stay.

This is a fairly new hotel which opened last September 2010. It's highly accessible since it's located right beside SM City Cebu. The interior design was well-planned not to mention the designs were exquisite.

lobby area

a huge Christmas tree in their lobby area
elevator area
 very spacious

As soon as we entered their business class premier room, it spelled C-O-M-F-O-R-T. The size is approximately 73 meters. Pretty neat and spacious. Everything is fully carpeted (except the restroom of course). Mounted in the living room and in the bedroom were 37-inch LCD televisions. My bro got to watch sports channel in the living room while my sister and I enjoyed chick flick series in the bedroom. The bathroom area was also totally clean and roomy. Plus it has complete amenities like hair dryer, bath tub etc. They also offer complimentary high speed wireless internet. 

Wow, Personalized?

Living Room area

 Mom and my bro 
Ate, Poy, Moi

 Radisson High

Indeed, the hotel boasts high-end amenities which translate to comfort and relaxation.So the next time you're in town, don't forget to check in at Radisson Blu Hotel. For details, visit their site -


Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back to Blogging!

Wow. It's been a year since I last visited my blog. Really sorry. There were just too many things to juggle - work and home related that I didn't have enough energy to write. 

But, looks like I'm back. So expect that I'll be updating my blog as often as possible. 

So, what did I do for the last year or so? I'll be giving you some neat stories of what I was up to.

READY? (Warning: Expect a photo heavy post. ooppss.. Sorry)

August 2010  - I, together with my former officemates at IBM, traveled to the City of Smiles (Bacolod City).
It was an awesome trip. We were all excited and giddy to try what they're known for -delish food.  And we were not disappointed. I finally tried the famous Calea cake and chicken inasal. Boy, it was totally worth every penny. Aside from food-tripping, we stayed overnight in one of their white sand resorts. Totally relaxing. See some of our pics below.

Yummy... Chicken Inasal

The gang @ Mambukal Resort
 Calea Cake - a must-try

 Tried ziplining...

September 2010 - Booked myself a flight to my hometown, Cebu City. Got to bond with my high school and college friends. Spent a few days with my family as well. It was a short vacation but it's always good to be home. 

 with my high school besties
 with my high school roommates
College friends

October 2010 - Back in college, I was part of a clique called APA (short for guapa 'beautiful). Because a few hours of catching up with each other were never really enough, we envision that a vacation trip (outside Cebu) would be perfect to bond again. This year marks the beginning of the many more trips to come. Our destination? CARAMOAN ISLAND, CAMARINES SUR. We didn't mind the 12 hour road and boat rides. When we got there, it was breathtaking. Indeed, it was a perfect venue to celebrate almost a decade of friendship. 

Before - college pic ; After - Taken during our Caramoan trip (Notice one of our friends, George, was not able to join so her pic was just placed in the center :D)

 Our mala-Survivor shot 
 jump shot
 These gals are the best!
 @ Lago del Rey, CWC
HAPPY faces

December 2010 - Spent Christmas in Cebu. We checked in at Radisson Blu Hotel on the 23rd and I fell in love with this new hotel. Great customer service, spacious room, excellent wifi connection. I got to also have bonding moment with my girlfriends. A memorable way of ending year 2010 ^_^

 Mom and our baby bro

 Facebooking :p

 living room area
 jump shot in bed
lobby area
Ate, bro, moi

spending Christmas day with my APA girlfriends
with Ate - adopted member of APA
 with high school friends 

Til next...




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