Friday, August 5, 2011

Mercato Centale Food Trips

My blogger idol, Anton Diaz, is part of the organizing committee of Mercato Centrale.

That's how I came about discovering this weekend market. So I was really itching to visit this place since it opened but I just couldn't seem to squeeze it in my schedule during weekend. It's located in Taguig City - a place not so accessible to public commuters like me.

So when the time that one of my closest friends in Cebu (who happens to be a pastry chef)  told me she'll be staying in Manila for a few days, I confidently volunteered that we try Mercato Centrale. I sent them Mercato's Facebook page link and they seemed to agree with my venue recommendation. True enough, my friends (Aileen and Kazoot) and I were soooo overwhelmed with our first ever Mercato Centrale experience. There were several vendors offering free taste/s and we can't help but try almost all of them. The result? We were almost full when lunchtime came.

Gotta share with you several pics on my first Mercato Centrale visit.

 us three (Moi, Aileen and Kazoot)
 Mochi ice cream
 Gotta love Manang's Chicken..
 Rodrigo's Roast
 what we hoarded
Creme Brulee.. nom nom nom...

A month after, I went to Mercato Centrale this time with friends from my previous company (IBM). I noticed new booths and discovered new food treats this time. We got our tummies full and bought Dezato mochi ice cream for dessert. 
 Naj, MJ and Moi
French Macarons @ P35 each. Tempting...
 potato lovers, anyone?
 with Bleu and MJ
 Bagwang meal

 Isaw @ P30 per stick

Last May 14, we went to Mercato Centrale with college friends and a traumatic incident happened. I don't really know how it started but it seemed that while we were busily chatting, my friend's laptop bag hidden under the table got stolen. We immediately reported the incident to the security but the 'mysterious guy' is nowhere to be found. It was really a sad day for all of us. Hope this will serve as a lesson to everybody to be extra careful with your valuables when visiting weekend markets.

I'm sooo in love with Mercato Centrale and I can't wait to be back there soon...





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