Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back to Blogging!

Wow. It's been a year since I last visited my blog. Really sorry. There were just too many things to juggle - work and home related that I didn't have enough energy to write. 

But, looks like I'm back. So expect that I'll be updating my blog as often as possible. 

So, what did I do for the last year or so? I'll be giving you some neat stories of what I was up to.

READY? (Warning: Expect a photo heavy post. ooppss.. Sorry)

August 2010  - I, together with my former officemates at IBM, traveled to the City of Smiles (Bacolod City).
It was an awesome trip. We were all excited and giddy to try what they're known for -delish food.  And we were not disappointed. I finally tried the famous Calea cake and chicken inasal. Boy, it was totally worth every penny. Aside from food-tripping, we stayed overnight in one of their white sand resorts. Totally relaxing. See some of our pics below.

Yummy... Chicken Inasal

The gang @ Mambukal Resort
 Calea Cake - a must-try

 Tried ziplining...

September 2010 - Booked myself a flight to my hometown, Cebu City. Got to bond with my high school and college friends. Spent a few days with my family as well. It was a short vacation but it's always good to be home. 

 with my high school besties
 with my high school roommates
College friends

October 2010 - Back in college, I was part of a clique called APA (short for guapa 'beautiful). Because a few hours of catching up with each other were never really enough, we envision that a vacation trip (outside Cebu) would be perfect to bond again. This year marks the beginning of the many more trips to come. Our destination? CARAMOAN ISLAND, CAMARINES SUR. We didn't mind the 12 hour road and boat rides. When we got there, it was breathtaking. Indeed, it was a perfect venue to celebrate almost a decade of friendship. 

Before - college pic ; After - Taken during our Caramoan trip (Notice one of our friends, George, was not able to join so her pic was just placed in the center :D)

 Our mala-Survivor shot 
 jump shot
 These gals are the best!
 @ Lago del Rey, CWC
HAPPY faces

December 2010 - Spent Christmas in Cebu. We checked in at Radisson Blu Hotel on the 23rd and I fell in love with this new hotel. Great customer service, spacious room, excellent wifi connection. I got to also have bonding moment with my girlfriends. A memorable way of ending year 2010 ^_^

 Mom and our baby bro

 Facebooking :p

 living room area
 jump shot in bed
lobby area
Ate, bro, moi

spending Christmas day with my APA girlfriends
with Ate - adopted member of APA
 with high school friends 

Til next...





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