Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mama's birthday @ Waterfront Hotel Cebu

I know. This is a long overdue post. My apologies...It's just that we moved to a new office location and there were so many things to do during the transition. You guys, listen up. It's official. I'm now an Ortigas girl. (^_^)

 Moving on, I had the grandest time in my life when I went home last June 3rd  for my mom's birthday. 
♥ The celebrant ♥

It was a worthwhile vacation because most of my time was spent with the people I love - my family. Definitely, a lot of catching up stories were being exchanged. We spent the night at Waterfront Hotel's Executive Suite room and it was pure heaven. 

the hotel

inside our room with my lil brother

Would you surf the net here at P160++ per hour?

Mama @ the dining area
the bed


us three

the suite has two restrooms.. pretty neat, huh?

Indeed, Waterfront Hotel's amenities is world-class and we definitely enjoyed our stay. 



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