Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Share thy Blessings

I spent most of my weekends doing chores. Since I don't have my parents here that I can rely on, I basically do all the household chores (with the help of my partner, of course). It's not that I'm complaining though. I have been very vocal with my desire to be independent. And I'm proud to say that I've been doing that for the last 3 years now.

So while I was cleaning my cabinet, I noticed that there are several clothes that I no longer use. Some of them were even used once or twice. And then it struck me...Why not donate them? I realized that instead of them being stuck inside the cabinet occupying so much space, it would be better if someone can use them. My partner then remembered that there's a donation box in our church for Caritas Manila.

So we hurriedly packed all the clothes that I no longer wear. And in no time, we went to the church and donated them to Caritas. It was a worthwhile experience. We were blessed so much and we were grateful to share some of them to the needy. It was definitely rewarding.


Mary a.k.a. South


Kaye said...

Nice blog ha.. Very inspiring! be safe always and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.. ;p

Lizzie said...

Hi sis, can you send me another email of yours for the free gadget invites? ayaw accept yung first email na binigay mo... tnx


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